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 27. aprīlī  plkst. 18.00

Best of BFM film screening in Riga

We invite you to Tallinn University Best of BFM film screening
on 27 April in Riga!
Date and time: Thursday, 27 April 2017 from 18.00 - 20.00
At the event you will be greeted by the representatives of Tallinn University, who will give you an insight to Tallinn University via short info session. The presentation will be held in English. After that you can enjoy our fascinating short film programme. All the films are by our very own film and media students.
The event is free of charge and open for everyone! All the films have English subtitles.
REGISTER: www.tlu.ee/screening

Film Programme

8 kg
Dir. Marleen Roosna
Length: 24:34
Hipsters and best friends Rene and Priit rent a flat in Kalamaja. One Friday evening their toilet breaks down and Priit commits a minor theft to fix that. Rene buys illegal products and almost gets caught. Then his sweetheart Maria, just broken up with her boyfriend, comes to visit. Snowball effect follows.

Over the Wall
Dir: Eret Kuusk
Length: 7:03
A man and a woman go into the woods to find their missing dog. While looking for him, the woman finds the dog – dead. In their humanly weakness they are both afraid to face the painful truth. Do you tell the truth or stay silent forever?


Dir. Tõnis Pill
Length: 14:47
Counterpoint is a story about a former violin player who, due to an accident is now in a wheelchair and unable to play. In order to help someone much weaker than himself, he has to take a huge step and conquer his inner fears.

Dir. Janis Rizhovs
Length: 16:15
"Nadja" is magical realistic story about finding something a man has lost in a journey of he's life. A successful businessman Janus is fed up with his current life and he decides to search for something he has lost. Not really knowing what it is that he’s after, he meets Nadja, who shows him a more simpler point of view of life. As Janus gets to know her, he finds out that she is not what he thought she’d be.

Во что играют взрослые? (What do Adults Play?)
Dir. Vladislav Mukovnin
Length: 8:00
To escape from the hateful game, a boy agrees to help a young man to bring flowers to a lady, but a simple request makes everything go wrong.


Life as in Paradise
Dir. Jaan Penjam
Length: 13:53
Former musician is stuck in the past. He spends his days in his car which is the only remnant of the former glory days. One day the windows of his car are broken and tires stolen. He understands that he needs to move on and it seems that with the cold winter lurking around the corner the only way out is prison. But how to get in there?